10599186_978914948791994_6914997368997358363_nMy Continued Pledge to the Party

I pledge to YOU, members of the Republican Party of the great state of Arizona:

  • To passionately defend our Party’s ideals and values.
  • To bring cohesion and cooperation for the greater good of the party.
  • A professionally managed Party with a strong, respected media presence.
  • Contribute to strong Republican victories in elections at all levels.
  • Establish education and training on GOP issues and activism.
  • IMG_0688group,parking lotTo become a well-funded, well-organized Party.
  • With your input, to design and implement strategies for success.
  • Ear-to-the-ground, strong, passionate leadership.
  • To respect the grassroots conservatives and Tea Party members

Today, America is at a crossroads, on the cusp of returning to greatness, with potential within our grasp. We must stand together as the GOP  “Great Opportunity Party”.  The momentum we secured in 2014 must increase to assure we win back the Presidency.

Together, we can chart a new course and dig our country out of despair. Together, we can bring back the American Dream. Together we will win. Together, all good things are possible.