Plan for Success

Arizona’s Republican Future

2014 Elections proved to be historic on many fronts.  The Republican Party of Arizona was able to deploy smart strategies, credible messaging and get-out-the vote to secure victories across the state. The Republican Party of Arizona was able to maintain all statewide offices, the state Senate and House majorities as well as swing the Arizona Congressional delegation to a Republican majority.

I was elected in 2013 on the vision of a financially healthy platform focused on technology, building the base, data and tools for our statewide precinct committeemen, outreach and defending Republican principles and values. Our collective efforts as precinct committeemen, coupled with a healthy state party created and unstoppable momentum for success.

Over the last two years we have built up a party that had almost given up hope.  Today Republicans are inspired once again by the feeling of across the board victories. By implementing an intentional, well-defined plan…the Republican Party of Arizona will continue to grow and celebrate victory.  Together we are able to accomplish anything.  Together we will be able to defend The Constitution of the United States, hold our elected officials accountable and nurture and environment which contribute to jobs, opportunities, education and safety for Arizona.

We must build on the vision that I ran on two years ago:

1. Provide a strong and passionate defense of our party’s ideals and values.

First and foremost, we are Republicans.  That means that we stand for liberty, family values and limited government.  I will 10547285_10202513026406985_7491709261204232710_ocontinue to fight for these values and assist my fellow Arizona Republicans to do the same.  Today we will be able to build on great data, canvassing tools, video resources, PC training and much more…

2. Provide a well-funded and well-organized party.

We now have a well-funded and well-organized party.  The goal was to build party resources to support our Republican Precinct Committeemen and volunteers statewide.  We did it!  We need to maintain our efforts to register more Republicans, educate more Republicans, train more Republicans and Get-Out-The-Vote to win elections.  Assuring the party has the needed financial resources will continue to be the cornerstone of my efforts.

1614101_1395665324033487_669420154_o3. Grow the Party

Arizona is changing. We are growing.  I look at these changes as opportunities to develop a new generation of conservative leaders, grow our voter registration, and have a greater influence on the party as a whole.

If we want to grow the Party, we need to focus on strategic planning and execution.  I will engage Arizona’s brightest and refine the structural Party with input from Republican stakeholders (Republican club members, precinct committeemen, volunteers, district chairs, contributors, etc.) around our state.

Additionally, I will continue a successful outreach program to the various demographics across the state.  We, as a party, will share conservative ideals and invite people to the “Great Opportunity Party” (GOP).

4. Provide a professionally managed Party and a media presence (both social and traditional media) that is timely and with great impact. 

10407859_10202884067564204_121704577554470834_n(1)We will continue a  fully engaged and dynamic media plan utilizing new media’s ability to reach those voters who might never have been reached before. The Party must strengthen the message of its members, supporting them with the arguments they need to win.

5. Provide a Party that is focused on winning back Arizona’s trust by emphasizing transparency and measurable accountability.

The American people are losing faith in their political affiliations.  This cannot happen with our Party.  Arizona’s Republican Party must not only have the trust of its members, but also the public at large if we are to grow.

Through Party transparency, members can measure our performance.  Through Party accountability, members can hold us responsible for our actions.

Transparency, measurable accountability, and integrity will be a hallmark of my Chairmanship.  These values will be instilled in my staff and my work.  We will be focused on winning back your trust.